3 Career Options You Are Guaranteed To LOVE

1. Management

Management is the organisational process that includes strategic planning, managing resources, man power and financials as well as measuring results. Management functions are not limited to managers and supervisors; there is an element of management in every role of an organisation. Working within businesses with good management and mentors equips all people, as long as they are willing and wanting to learn from their superiors, with management skills and knowledge that are transferable to any business once learning the basic strategies.  Successful managers require not only good management skills but exceptional leadership skills. Procare Learning offers the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management as well as a variety of individual leadership and management units to suit peoples differing needs, requirements and interests.

Leadership and management training teaches participants to use skills, knowledge and techniques to lead and manage staff and accomplish projects effectively and efficiently. Leadership and management are essential in the successful project management process of planning, organising a, motivating and controlling resources (human and material) and procedures and is used by companies to achieve specific goals. Project Management is a strategic competency that is essential for any organisation to complete tasks, compete with the market place and contribute to the success of their organisation. The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management provides learners with skills and knowledge to work across a range of industry sectors leading and managing teams in a successful manner.

2. Work Health and Safety

WHS has become a mandatory function in every industry and business. It is imperative that all companies take WHS seriously arming all staff with at least the underpinning knowledge of WHS and their responsibilities. Anyone in a safety role or management position should be trained and educated in safety best practice, systematic approaches to safety as well as any legislative requirements for their business and industry in regards to WHS. A WHS role is a great step up for people wanting to stay within their industry and expand their skillset and employability. Combined with experience and training people in WHS can transfer across all industry sectors. Procare Learning offers the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety as well as providing the option of undertaking individual units of competency relevant to the learners/companies WHS needs. The Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety covers the underpinning knowledge required of an entry level WHS role and is designed to equip individuals to research, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources to apply solutions to WHS issues.

3. Personal Injury Management

Anyone who is passionate about helping people might be interested in the many roles available in the personal injury management sector. Personal Injury Management is the management of people who have been injured at work or in an accident and are making an insurance claim.  Roles could include Case management roles e.g. claims administration assistants, case/senior case managers, technical/injury management advisors, team leaders including management, and return to work coordinators in the employer setting.  Procare Learning offers both the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management to cater to different entry levels.  The Certificate IV qualification reflects job roles requiring well developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of contexts within the personal injury management sector. It may involve supervision or leadership and guidance with some limited responsibility for others. Individuals in these roles apply theoretical and technical knowledge and skills to work autonomously and exercise judgement in completing routine and non-­routine activities.

The program modules incorporate an introduction to the industry, case management liability, compensation benefits, public liability, CTP, injury management and return to work, analysis of relevant legislation and the key cultural changes in industry over recent years.  Procare Learnings course assists participants make soundly based decisions on injury and claims management matters pertaining to injuries/conditions sustained in the work place. It encourages healthy discussion and debate of current workers compensation issues and is the platform for personal growth and progression from simply understanding concepts to practical implementation and demonstration.

A career in personal injury management has many avenues to explore. There will be a number of different tasks to complete and people and professionals to liaise and negotiate with. The Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management will assist participants with navigating complex claims from both legal and or injury management angles, personal development to assist with confidence building with regards to communication and negotiation skills specifically when dealing with difficult personalities/professionals in law/treatment settings and or to assist with employment prospects. While a Certificate III will take a participant through the basics of how a claim is set up and navigate them through the possible scenarios an injury may cause someone in their professional and personal life.

Holding a qualification in Personal Injury Management will improve candidate attraction over peers/other applicants when applying for a role.

It is a daunting thought to leave a role you are familiar with and skilled in. Change is difficult for most especially if it is a change that you have not put into action yourself. For an easy transition into a new career or career progression within your current company or industry, reflect on the skills you have learnt in service and how they can be applied in any other profession. Most of those skills are relevant and important in all industries. Embarking on the path of training and education in the field you feel will be right for you is the first step to getting yourself ready to go!!