Jaclyn from our South Australian office has first-hand experience of the benefits of joining the Procare Graduate Program. Being unable to return to work after an injury, and following a Bachelor of Human Movement and Occupational Therapy Masters Degree, she was motivated to utilise her first-hand experience to help injured workers get back into meaningful work. Coming up to the end of her first year with Procare Injury Management Jaclyn has shared us more about her experience leading up to and then working in Procare Graduate Program.

She explains that “upon completion of my study, I decided that I wanted to work in the Occupational Rehabilitation industry. My priorities for a workplace were to have a supportive team to assist with my learning, great team culture and opportunities to progress in my career.

“I applied for a position with Procare and interviewed shortly later. When I met with the Procare SA team, I instantly knew it was the place for me, so I jumped at the opportunity. From my first day, I felt supported by the entire team at Procare and felt I could ask questions at any time within the office. There have been some challenges this year with COVID and needing to work from home. While it was a scary time for me, being so new to the job, I continued to feel supported and knew I could call on any of the SA team for help at any time.”

Jaclyn explained how helpful she found the support, in terms of professional growth and development at each step. “I think the biggest challenge was learning to complete the various reports required within the different services we provide,” she said. “I have been lucky enough to have worked with our Quality and Performance Manager who would sit down with me one-on-one to help me ensure my reports are of high quality as well as getting the best possible outcomes for all parties.”

Jaclyn explained that she loves the variety in the role and the challenges it provides. “I have opportunities to travel to regional areas regularly, which I enjoy as I am originally from the country. I particularly enjoy completing Activities of Daily Living assessments to provide that initial goal setting and activity scheduling help to people who are impacted by their injuries to enable them to focus on their recovery.”

For Jaclyn, she said that the most enjoyable element of the program was the team environment within Procare. “I’m lucky enough to work with a whole group of motivated, passionate professionals who always strive to improve and support their clients to recover from their injuries and re-engage in their everyday lives. Having this amazing, supportive team environment has supported me to learn and grow as a therapist.

Jaclyn – Occupational Therapist
Procare Group Adelaide Team

What is the Procare Graduate program?

Procare’s New Graduate Training program has been designed to support graduate talent kick-start successful careers in the occupational rehabilitation space. The program offers an introduction for recent graduates who might not have a lot of experience, but who are keen to learn from industry-leading professionals.


How does it work?

Over an intensive three-month period, the program provides multimodal learning in collaboration with industry experts, covering core components including assessment and report writing skills, clinical and legislative knowledge as well as communication, managing challenging behaviours and time management.


What’s involved?

Observing different working styles and exposure to a range of critical skills is a key part of our graduate program, which helps graduates develop their own unique approach. We provide theoretical manuals and workbooks to assist in the learning process and demonstrate the understanding of each module, which provides a solid foundation and covers core components of the role of OT occupational rehabilitation. Most importantly, the position is adaptable to each new starter, depending on their pace of learning and experience.


What happens after the initial placement?

There is an ongoing support program in the following nine months, which offers mentorship from key leaders and senior consultants within Procare, who have demonstrated experience in their specific fields.

After the 12-month mark, graduates move into our Grow, Perform, Succeed Program, tailored to each individual and allows each graduate to launch their roles, and develop their career trajectory. This element of the program is a self-directed career development and progression planning stage, which offers support from industry experts to assist you in working towards your goals. With some experience under your belt, Procare also provides a range of long-term opportunities within the business, whether that’s specialising in an area on one of our many contracts or working with a specific set of clients.


Opportunities for growth at every step

The co-facilitated program offers meaningful connections with peers, as well as with other graduates across the country, and the program is consistently evolving, welcoming the ideas of new graduates to tackle problems – at Procare, we believe that learning is a two-way street.

Opportunity is abundant in the program for exposure to different industries, people, and lines of business while you develop your skills and enhance your learning experience. No two days are the same at Procare!


Considering the Procare Graduate Program? We’d love to hear from you!

Procare is always open to discussing career opportunities for prospective graduates. Reach out to us at any stage to discuss how we can support a successful career for you at Procare!

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