Our Factual Investigations team works to investigate complex insurance and fraud claims. This work plays a central role in our overall business and provides valuable insight for a range of critical stakeholders.

But the work of our investigators, and what’s involved in the job, isn’t especially well understood. So we sat down with two members of our amazing field team to provide a bit of insight into what happens day-to-day in their role.

Jodie became part of the Factual Investigations team at Procare after some friends in the insurance industry introduced her when she was made redundant at the start of COVID. They recommended the position knowing she was looking for a new challenge and a role at an employer that she felt strongly about, “and Procare was a perfect fit,” she said.

Stefanie joined our investigation department having worked as a paralegal in a law firm, working within an insurance team. “I found the most enjoyment and reward in my role as a paralegal was when I was doing investigative work. Given this, what better than doing investigations full time?”

Neither Jodie nor Stefanie had worked as part of an investigations team before, but both found that they had skills that transferred quickly. They both agreed that having strong time management, organisational, writing and people skills had been beneficial in their new roles.

Stefanie explained that she believes “strong communication skills are most important in this field. It’s essential to adapt your communication skills to each individual you correspond with, and to be mindful of your approach.”

In terms of learning new processes, Procare provides comprehensive training for all our investigators. Stefanie explained that the “interstate trip to Sydney to meet the team who conducted the training” was particularly beneficial. “I was guided by a senior investigator who has been with Procare for some time.”

Jodie agreed, saying that while some of the processes were unfamiliar, she “felt strongly supported by the team to learn the procedures. I have also been provided with online training, coaching calls and one on one training. All of this experience has been invaluable so far. Everyone is here to help you succeed and this is evident with the support that is provided by everyone in the organisation.”

When we asked the two team members what a day looks like as part of the Procare investigations team, they both said that no two days are ever the same!

Jodie explained that because each claim is different, from the people involved, the events, industries and so on, there is no typical day. “I’ve been out in the field learning from and assisting investigators and experiencing how they work, which has been incredibly insightful.

“I feel like I am continually learning, evolving and growing, and this is exactly what I was seeking. There is so much diversity in the role, so much to learn, skills to develop and growth to achieve, which I find to be the most rewarding element.”

Stefanie agreed, explaining that the various tasks involved keeps her on her toes and continuously challenged. “From interviews, to report writing, to scene investigations and various other investigative work, there’s always a range of tasks,” she said. “I am often in and out of the office between jobs.”

While both team members said that there were challenges to the role, particularly working remotely, the team are in constant contact daily to ensure everyone is connected, whether it be a phone call, an email, a text message or a zoom call.

Both Jodie and Stefanie found the move to investigations incredibly rewarding. Stefanie explains that the most satisfying part of the role is getting an excellent outcome for our clients and “going above and beyond their expectations for a great result.”

She added that “no job is the same as investigations. It keeps you on your toes, and I learn something new each day.”

Jodie agreed, saying that for people considering a move into investigations, “I would say don’t wait, do it, and do it with Procare.”

If you’re considering a role in investigations, we’re always looking for new people. Head over to our careers page¬†to learn more.