We speak to Dione about how moving to Procare was the perfect next step in her career

Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Consultant

Dione started with Procare in February 2018. With a 30-year career spanning across clinical and occupational rehabilitation over the years, Dione chose to return to occupational rehabilitation and is keen to tell us why!

Tell us about Pre Procare…

My experience spans over 30 years, I had worked in occupational rehabilitation full time and part time over a 10-year period and a further 20-year period working as a treating clinician both full and part time. My most recent clinical role was an MSK tiered physio in Private Practice.

What attracted to make the move back to Occupational Rehabilitation?

Firstly, the physical demands of a clinically treating role were getting to be too much, my hands we getting painful and I knew it was time to make the move. Secondly, I required flexibility in my life, and knew that the Occupational Rehabilitation industry was able to offer this.
I saw an advert for The Procare Group on Indeed advertising a Rehabilitation Consultant role. I applied and was successful for a first stage interview. At the time I was also interviewing with another provider.

Now you are here, does moving back to occupational rehabilitation match your initial expectations?

Yes definitely. I work part time and it suits my work life balance well. The flexibility is really working for me too. When I was clinically treating if my appointment ran even a little late it pushed out my whole day, there was no room for error, whereas working as a rehab consultant provides that flexibility and autonomy to coordinate your days.

I am also enjoying the internal support of the company structure. When working in Private Practice the requirement is to be a ‘jack of all trades’, whether it be IT support, the receptionist etc. There often isn’t an internal support structure in a smaller business to assist treating practitioners. Having the internal support in my role with Procare enables me to be a Rehab Consultant and carry out my role to the fullest.

Why the Procare Group?

The biggest thing that sold Procare to me was the interview process. Across the first and second stage interviews, I met with 4 different managers. I felt like I was given a very good snapshot of the company throughout those interviews, and there was complete consistency in the process. This was very reassuring to me, as was meeting with a variety of staff, all with a consistent reassuring delivery of the process. The speed of decision making and the follow up post interviews was great.
The location of Alexandria and the Procare Group head office was another attraction of the company for me too!
Another expectation met is the social aspect at Procare. I was told about how Procare celebrate its staff often, including monthly staff drinks, birthday celebrations, quarterly awards etc. This is great as it involves everyone. The environment and culture are very genuine, everyone is very supportive and collaborative.

Are there any comments you would pass on to another clinician looking to make the move either back to or into Occupational Rehabilitation?

I can certainly see how it can feel a big move, particularly for those who haven’t worked in occupational rehabilitation in the past. For those clinicians who are wanting to make the move and perhaps not leave clinical completely, part time options are available in occupational rehabilitation. Many practitioners are perhaps under the illusion that occupational rehabilitation consultant roles need to be a full-time capacity however it is very possible to work effectively in a part time capacity.
There is also so much scope in occupational rehabilitation to progress into such a variety of different roles, for example specialists in certain areas i.e. ergonomist, account management, training etc. It isn’t just a case of purely case management. Also, exposure to a variety of industries and manufacturers offers great and varied experience and an opportunity to build on skills.

If you are considering a move back in to Occupational Rehabilitation, or would like more information about it contact Cheryl, our National Recruitment Manager on 0413 900 463 or email [email protected]