Why we are not ‘just another provider’

Cheryl Metcalfe

[email protected]

Here at the Procare Group we are much more than colleagues. Our staff have a great sense of ‘team’, supporting each other every step of the way and bringing fun and laughter into our work lives!  One of our rehabilitation consultants – Chris Mumford (Exercise Physiologist), tells us his Procare journey and why he is passionate about all things Procare!…

“I started with Procare in March 2016.  Coming from a previous profession as a Golfing Pro, where it was the opposite of working as a team, Procare was a huge breath of fresh air.

 Whilst I was in the reception area waiting to go into my initial interview at Procare, three different people came to me to ask if I was okay and if I was being looked after.  I knew that this reflected the culture of Procare and it gave me such a positive view of a caring place to work.  As an Allied Health Professional, one of the main reasons we study in the fields that we do is because we care, and the initial impression of Procare certainly reinforced this was the right place for me.

 My interview continued the positive experience, with a friendly, informative and comfortable discussion with two key management personnel, giving me further insight into the caring culture of the company.

I’ve seen the positive culture at Procare grow over my time here.  Friendships continue to form across the company, across all divisions.  When I say culture, I am referring to a culture of support, of helping each other out, of encouragement.  We have different levels of expertise across the teams, which provides a really insightful and inspiring working environment and ultimately better-informed consultants and customer experiences.

I am keen to develop further in my career, and know that Procare offers long term opportunities for me to grow.  I am working towards becoming a Senior Consultant; building portfolios and relationships with stakeholders within my role alongside taking on a more coaching/mentoring type role.  I also have a keen interest in Pre-Employment assessments and preventative work.  As a company, Procare offers development pathways as well as acknowledgements of staff and their hard work, through professional development, regular staff awards, monthly social events and celebrating staff birthdays.

Overall, why work at Procare?  I think essentially, Procare offers a variety of work and opportunities to suit consultants’ skills and interests.  The overall culture, support and team spirit is second to none.  The role of Rehab Consultant is the same pretty much across the board, however it is the opportunities and culture for me that makes Procare a great place to work.”

For more information on careers with Procare contact Cheryl Metcalfe – National Recruitment Manager on 02 9086 8000 or [email protected]